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About Us



About Us


Imagine. Transport. Experience. Fanvergence.

Imagine experiencing a story that lights a fire deep, deep within you.  Now, imagine being transported in time, space and geography into the world of that tale.  Envisage breathing in the atmosphere as you arrive, the environment ensconcing you, creating a dreamlike atmosphere as you explore, discover.  Finally, picture yourself slowly becoming enmeshed in the lives of the inhabitants and characters, observing, engaging. 

For Fanvergence Creative Group co-founders’ Jennifer Musumeci and Kristine Kennedy, imagining experiences that transform time and space is what brought them together to form this venture.  A passion for innovation in storytelling is at the strategic core of this new design and production company.  It is a passion that each founder believes will convert into the next disruptive innovation in brand marketing and immersive entertainment.  A small boutique company, Fanvergence maximizes its ability to engage with customers at the grassroots level, optimizing the neural-network like response of smaller, yet significantly powerful, local, pop culture and/or fandom communities.

Fanvergence offers services and products that serve multiple industries such as: theater arts, film/TV, education, non-profit, live entertainment, conventions and other types of corporate entities. 

We offer:
  • Custom, content driven brand, educational and/or entertainment based experiences and immersive shows that emotionally engage guests and audience
  • Production Design services that span concept development, rendering and modeling, to master planning and build-outs/fabrication as well as scenic artistry
  • General production services for installations, live shows and events
  • Theatrically immersive shows and products that have been developed in-house by Fanvergence as original, intellectual property

Through our subsidiary retail and fine art division, KKennedyDesigns, we also create and merchandise original product designs based on the properties and stories we’ve developed in-house.  Our retail and merchandising experience gives us a unique position in the marketplace to offer our clients experience in the full breadth of brand and entertainment experience from concept design to merchandising. 


Jennifer Musumeci

Co-owner, Fanvergence Creative Group and subsidiary KKennedyDesigns

Along with her role as business manager for KKennedyDesigns, Jennifer is the Co-Producing Artistic Director and Executive Producer for parent company Fanvergence Creative Group, LLC. An emerging arts and entertainment entrepreneur with a passion for storytelling, Jennifer is optimizing extensive training and leadership experience in entertainment, theater arts and Film/TV industries as well as corporate healthcare business environments.

Jennifer is a business strategy professional with 14 plus years in developing and executing creative and corporate business plans, marketing and advertising campaigns, non-profit fundraising campaigns and new product development.  Prior experience encompasses arts/entertainment and other non-arts industries in roles ranging from stage management, technical direction and general production roles to market intelligence, business analysis and strategy consulting.   Having led large project teams of international scope, she is completely within her element when taking on the unique challenges of building, leading and growing an arts and entertainment business.

Jennifer Musumeci completed her BFA in Film, TV and Radio at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, and her MS in Human Development at the University of Rochester.  She has received multiple awards in the arts/entertainment and healthcare industries and has also been published.

Kristine Kennedy

Co-owner, Fanvergence Creative Group and subsidiary KKennedyDesigns

 Along with her role as Designer and Specialty Fabricator for KKennedyDesigns, Kristine is the Co-Producing Artistic Director and Creative Director for parent company Fanvergence Creative Group, LLC. Kristine Kennedy, the original founder and lead designer for KKennedyDesigns, built the jewelry and fine art company modeled on her own multi-faceted artistic background.

Kristine's well-established career as a Production Designer, Art Director and Scenic Artist in film, television and theater production has given her a unique window into jewelry design.  Building on her approach to her work in entertainment, Kristine creates her final jewelry pieces wrapped in the shroud of story, the core of all KKennedyDesigns artistic expression.  As a result, her designs transport the wearer to new worlds and on personal journeys.  The story is always the starting point, and then techniques, materials and process are all used to serve the larger narrative of the unique piece or line.

As a leader in the creative services industry, Kristine brings to both Fanvergence Creative Group and KKennedyDesigns a wealth of rich and diverse experience.  Kristine holds a BFA in Film, TV and Radio from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts and an MFA in Scenic Design from the University of North Carolina, School of the Arts.  Additionally, Kristine is a member of the IATSE Local 491.