It’s been a few days since my last entry, friends. I was relishing in the magic and safety of GeekyCon, which as it were served as a sort of Christmas truce. The Hatter and I are sworn enemies now and yet we were together playing a game of Wonderland Chess, testing and teasing out each other’s weak spots.

He’s still as handsome as ever with his dark hair and stark features, but something in his eyes has changed. When I loved him, there was a light there. Not quite a sparkle. More like the midnight ocean when the moon is full and laying down a path to the horizon. I spent many nights on planes looking out the window at full moons and dark seas in my other life as a war correspondent, chasing stories.

There are no mistakes. Only this that takes us from where we are to where we need to be. But sometimes you have to trust the road is there even when you can’t see it. The road to Wonderland’s salvation is a long one. It isn't straight. Beauty and danger lurk on either side, but that isn't a new phenomenon. I'm just more aware.

I’ll do what it takes, but I can’t help but wish the Hatter’s moonlight has just gone behind a cloud. If only I could help him find it again.